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The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and the Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any subject related to the Duties or their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses Against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

-US Constitution, Article II, Section II, Clause 1

Lady Justice is weeping.  Her scales are tipped askew, weighed down by corruption and political agendas, her sword split, one-sided and twisted.  Her blindfold has become a gag, her hands are tied with precedence and bureaucracy.  Justice in these United States is no longer "for all".  It is rather a weapon, used against one's political opponents by unscrupulous men who would seize power at any cost, and it is being used against innocent Americans who exercised their Constitutional rights on January 6th, 2021 at the US Capitol.

It is a date that will live in infamy and while the true perpetrators of the events on January 6th still roam free in the halls of power, hundreds of patriotic Americans sit rotting in jails, charged and/or convicted in the largest government entrapment scheme in history, J6.  The nightmare of January 6th, 2021 continues to this day in courtrooms and prisons around the country.  J6 defendants are abused by hate filled prison guards, their rights trampled by biased judges, their freedoms taken not by juries of their peers, but by rabid partisans lusting to convict a Trump supporter.  They are starved, denied medical care, locked in solitary confinement, beaten, poisoned, sleep deprived and intentionally endangered daily by a corrupted Bureau of Prisons.  And in case after case, they are utterly denied justice, forced to endure politically motivated torture under the guise of the rule of law.

Justice has not, is not, and likely will not be served by this sick and mutated Department of "Justice".  So many people are calling on President Trump to intervene once elected, and PARDON the J6ers.

This, like so many other things in life, is easier said than done.

The J6 Pardon Project has one goal: to aid President Trump in effectively and efficiently pardoning ALL of the J6 defendants for the weaponized and false charges against them.  Many of these defendants are completely and totally innocent, denied the right to prove their innocence in court. Others have been massively overcharged for minor protest infractions, sentenced to years in jail for acts usually punished with a small fine.  Both types of defendants deserve the mercy, and justice of presidential clemency.

In the coming weeks, the J6 Pardon Project will be produce a book, written for ONE MAN, Donald J. Trump.  Titled "How to Pardon the J6ers: A Comprehensive Handbook for President Donald J. Trump", this book will offer a MULTI PRONGED strategy to ensuring the speedy release and maximum restoration of rights to all of the J6 defendants. It will include all of the information needed on each defendant to begin the clemency process, ensuring no victim of this weaponized witch hunt on the American people is left behind without access to justice.  We are preparing a full database of all J6 defendants so the President has all the information he needs to pardon all J6ers on day one.  We will be delivering this guide to President Trump and will work to build a strong working relationship between the J6 community and the second Trump administration to ensure all our J6ers get JUSTICE and get to go home.

Bookmark this page for updates, or click the contact link to sign up to our email list for more information on how you can help the J6 Pardon Project in achieving our mission of justice for every J6er.

Until They All Come Home...

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